These Droidstar builds have the vocoder built in, no need to download a vocoder plugin. Enjoy!

DroidStar static builds and plugins

The rpi build is for raspberry pi. This build contains the md380 vocoder. This means that the vocoder for DMR/YSF/NXDN is the same quality as a real AMBE USB dongle. This build is not fully static though, so it requires the Qt libraries to be installed on a raspios bookworm OS. 'sudo apt install libqt6*' and 'sudo apt install qml6*' will install all of the necessary libs to run this build.

The linux build will run on any x86_64 linux platform. This build is also not static, so the qt libs will also be required. On any debian/ubuntu based system, the commmands to install should be the same as for rpi. On fedora (tested on F39), run 'sudo dnf install qt6-qtmultimedia qt6-qtserialport' to install everything needed to run this build.